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Raymond Connelly, RFCY Group LLCAt the beginning of my career architects, interior designers, and construction managers all played separate roles within the same project. In many cases this would create problems, the most common being the lack of communication between all of the entities.

I envisioned that one day I would be able to simplify the process by providing all services in-house facilitating a constant flow of communication throughout the project. I believe I have accomplished this with RFCY, a complete design build firm.

For over ten years I have embraced this philosophy. My dedicated staff will guide you from design concepts to project close out. Our attention to detail is what sets up apart from the rest.

In today’s fitness and wellness industry it is easy to feel overwhelmed with renovations or expansions into multiple branches. You worry about the various services you need and after a while the whole experience can become more stressful than exciting. Why not allow RFCY to simplify the entire process for you?

We are a nationally award winning architectural, interior, and design build firm who has been published in various publications including Club Industries Magazine. RFCY has completed projects of all sizes and intentions. With each project we complete we are always evolving to attain the knowledge and experience to keep us on the cutting edge.

Please take this opportunity to gain a quick insight into RFCY. Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with our firm. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

All the best,
Raymond F. Connelly,

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